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What documents do you need to file your taxes in 2023?

Each year, many Americans ask our firm, what documents do you need to file your taxes in 2023? Other questions include: How much will be our fees for this year? Should I send you a box full of receipts? As you can tell, the last question was a joke but these type of questions come after our new year’s resolutions are made and we have new gym membership cards in tow. For many taxpayers; they have to gather many documents to send to their tax preparer or accountant. Another thing to mention is, the past few years we dealt with many tax rebates because of the pandemic but those are gone now. Notwithstanding, there are still many benefits for families, students, small business owners and more.

Many of your tax questions can be answered directly from the IRS website. Believe it or not; your accountant may just send the link to you if it is a simple question. This will empower you to research and become more educated about your tax situation. This also aids you in saving some time and money when it comes to advisory services. Furthermore, If you are just starting out in business, this comes in handy as you want to save most of your profits to reinvest in your venture.

Lucky for you; I created a few tax preparation checklists based on  a few scenarios. This will aid and guide you when sending your 2022 tax information to Uncle Sam. The main thing to keep in mind is; if you are working alone the checklist does not cover everything you will need. Since every taxpayer’s situation may differ, please consult your tax preparer or someone from our team to assist you.

If you have any questions outside of the tax preparation checklist, we have many other resources for our clients. We have everything from; startup guides to events that are held online. Our core clientele includes: small families, small business owners and corporate executives. However, we enjoy answering questions about: tax issues, startup questions, wealth management and tax guidance.

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