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You can start and run your business with confidence with our professional team. Our accountants and bookkeepers work efficiently and ethically to provide you with the best data throughout your business relationship with our firm..


Our number goal is to provide you with the best tax planning guidance for your business. We implement tax strategies using the latest Internal Revenue Service tax laws for the best savings. This ensures that you are in the best position moving forward.


Your business depends on the latest industry performance and benchmarks to reach the next level. Our trusted team of advisors have experience in specific industries; including: e-commerce, construction, hospitality and more.

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schedule is different.

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Upon starting and establishing a consulting or advisory relationship. Keep in mind that this will be a team effort to reach your business goals.

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We are based in Miami, Florida but serve clients throughout the United States.

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All of our clients receive text, email and phone calls in regards to their needs. From emerging trends to simple tax questions, we are there for you.

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Areas of expertise

We take pride in working with many different industries in South Florida and throughout the United States.


Our goal is to provide you with the bookkeeping software that matches your industry and business needs. Service includes: setup and maintenance.

Project Management

Every project is different and requires a unique approach based on the objectives and goals of the organization.

Tax Preparation

We understand that every business or organization is not the same. Therefore we tailor our tax-preparation services and advice to match your organization.


Industries Served
i. Government
ii. Healthcare
iii. Aviation

Back Office Services

Services Offered
i. Payroll
ii. Office Supplies
iii. Office Equipment


Industries Served
i. Creative Design
ii. Banking
iii. Hospitality


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