About Magnitax & Our Accountants

The Firm

Our company was founded to provide accounting and consulting services to small business owners. Learn about Magnitax and how our passion since 2010 has been to bring entrepreneurs custom accounting services fit for small business owners in the: hospitality, real estate, e-commerce industries, and more.

The Accountants

The Magnitax.com team is diverse and provides the highest level of service to our clients.

Our Clientele

  • We work with all types of industries:
  • Government, Healthcare Industry, Aviation, Trade & Logistics and more.

More about the company

In 2018 we became a Minority Business Enterprise which increased our reach to corporations and multinational corporations. We hope to work with the greatest companies around the world.

More About Our Accountants

Thanks to relationships with Universities and organizations around the country, we are able to recruit the greatest accountants.