SBA COVID-19 Relief Ends on June 30th 2020

SBA Small Business COVID-19 Relief Ends June 30th 2020 for PPP…
June 28, 2020/by Jean-Desir

How we are helping small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Applauds for essential workers worldwide during the COVID-19…
May 12, 2020/by Jean-Desir

What are some tax strategies for small businesses filing taxes in 2020?

Some of the tax planning strategies that are available to you depend on so many factors.
March 12, 2020/by Jean-Desir

What American taxpayers need to look out for when filing taxes in 2020?

My job with this three-part series is to make sure American taxpayers are prepared for the tax season.
March 12, 2020/by Jean-Desir

What are the basic tax definitions when filing your tax return in 2020?

Deductions for individuals put you in a lower tax bracket

Deductions for individuals lowers the amount of income you may owe on your taxes. 
March 12, 2020/by Jean-Desir

Why our company wants more growth as a South Florida based company

Growth as a south Florida Based company

If you’ve been…
September 16, 2019/by admin

What organizational tasks do you complete for your new LLC?

With that in mind, Part three of the series ensures that remember to get the basics done first and move away from just showing your best friends on social media your cool logo.
January 18, 2019/by Jean-Désir Fils

What to look for when hiring the best advisor team for your new LLC?

Congratulations on making it to the seventh and last part of the series. As you have probably realized, this entrepreneurial journey cannot be done alone. I know this because the men and women who haven't properly sought out a good starting lineup or bench players (advisors) are either no longer entrepreneurs or slaves to their ideas.
January 18, 2019/by Jean-Désir Fils
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