Are you organized enough to run a successful business?

Starting a business is less about your ability to network and tell the world about your idea or concept and more about the processes and systems that address the needs of your customer or client base. For the past 12 years, I have been an entrepreneur and organization has become the sole separating factor in the ability for me to succeed to the next level. With that in mind, part three of the series ensures that remember to get the basics done first and move away from just showing your best friends on social media your cool logo and branding.

What organizational tasks do you complete for your new llc?

There are many organizational tasks to complete with your business. Here are the organizational tasks that I cover in brief detail:

  • Holding an Organizational meeting
  • Putting together your new LLC’s operations agreements

Holding an Organizational Meeting

Meetings are rarely something any person wants to attend on a daily basis. With that being the case; if you are the sole owner of your company; meetings will be easy to conduct. If not; there are many ways to have meetings even if the partners are not in the same city upon formation. From Skype, Go to Meeting or Google Hangouts; anything is possible. Meetings at the creation of your business are to establish the roles of the members within the organization.

Putting together your new LLC’s operations agreements

The best things in life are free, however, running a successful organization is not one of those things. Therefore, you must keep in mind that if you are bringing on other partners, investors or stakeholders; you want to have everything in writing. The last thing you want is to have the wrong person taking ownership of your good idea. You can click the following link to Rocket Lawyer and get your own operation agreement Over 1,000,000 Users. Print Free. Plus eSign. Free Legal Forms!

Member or Manager-Managed LLC?

If you want to form a member-managed LLC, it comprises of all members bearing the responsibility of day-to-day operational objectives.

If you want to form a member-managed LLC, it comprises of all members bearing the responsibility of day-to-day operational objectives. Click To Tweet

Within a manager-managed LLC, you have a select number of members who want to be passive within the business. Attached you will find an operational agreement that you can use to put the details in writing. This document will be used for everything from; potential acquisitions to other partners or shareholders being added to the organization.

Forming your new LLC without expensive attorney fees series

TThe series created by Accountant/Business Advisor Jean-Désir Fils is structured as seven separate blog posts. Each post will break down the steps needed to form your LLC without an expensive attorney fee. This will not go into details for your state; you will follow the links of your respective state to do so in detail. The series includes a downloadable checklist that will ensure you remain on track to succeed no matter your level of business know how. If you need an accountant right away, click here. Check out the remaining four posts in the series here:

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