Personal Trainer Barter Deal | Miami or Fort Lauderdale

Our founder is seeking a personal trainer barter deal in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area. Working out is a passion of his but needs someone who can hold him accountable during the upcoming year.

The video demonstrates the types of workouts he is look to do. It will also involve one additional person.


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UM Launch Pad 2013

UM Launch Pad 2013 was a entrepreneurship competition.This was my first 60 second pitch video in this capacity. At the time, we thought we wanted Magnitax to be a technology company. However, this was not feasible since we focus on accounting and bookkeeping services. You can tell within five minutes of being on our site that we have moved on from this day, happily.

The competition was our founder Jean-Désir’s first time pitching on video.


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